Serving The King
Seeking The Kingdom 
Freely you have received, freely give. 



Bill Hunter

God has called Bill to pray for this promised Revival.


God has called Bill to stir up God’s people to pray for this promised revival as well as to prepare their hearts ready for it.


Having been a computer programmer, an ordained minister, a qualified electrician and a secondary school teacher (in that order); Bill is able to draw upon a rich depth of experience. Yet, these jobs only reflect a small part of what has influenced him. By far and away the largest influence has been the workings of the Holy Spirit, over many years, through a wide variety of situations. 


He is also the author of the book The Kingdom to be published later this year. The Book is a call for God’s people to return to what Jesus taught, not to let the good get in the way of the best. Our God is a gracious God who loves us so much that He wants nothing but the very best for each and every one of His children. We are all disciples on His road, being changed from one degree of glory into another, becoming closer and closer to the perfect image that is Jesus Christ Himself. As we journey along this road, we need to continually remind ourselves that there is so much MORE to learn and impliment than we have achieved so far. The Ant Parable is an apt reminder that no matter how much Christian maturity we have, God always calls His people to go on to greater depths of Himself; to greater acts of faith; to greater expectations of what He, and He alone, can do.




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