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Seeking The Kingdom - The Ant Parable


Imagine you are an ant and that you live in a nice comfortable home. The owners go out to work, they have dinner in the evening and before going to bed they have supper. You enjoy being in the house, in fact you enjoy living in their living room. You have never bothered to go anywhere else, why should you, all your needs are met in the nice, comfortable living room. When the owners go to bed, you are safe to come out and help yourself to some bread crumbs or perhaps chocolate; maybe the remnants of a biscuit or cake. There is always some coffee or tea left in the cups that are placed on the coffee table – the table is never cleared until the morning. There is central heating. What more could an ant want?

You reckon that you know about 100% of what there is to know about the world because you have had plenty of time to look around the world and you have learnt all there is to know about the world. One day another ant meets you and asks if you have ever climbed up the table legs and had a look around from up there. You reply that you have never bothered because you have never needed to. However, this puts a desire within you to go exploring, so one day you climb up the table leg and reach the top of the table. You look around and suddenly you realise that there is more to the world than you had previously discovered. You can see what is on top of the cupboard in the corner of the room. You then realise that what you had known was only half of what there is to know.

You look around and immediately you see through the window and spy a barrier out beyond the window and between the barrier and the window there are some plants. There is more to the world than just the living room.

You are now excited so, climbing back down to the floor, you look around for help and coming across another ant you ask it if it knows how you could get outside the living room and into the area out beyond it where big plants grow. The other ant tells you that if you go down a hole in the corner below the window, you will find a route that takes you outside into the garden. Garden! so that is what the garden is that you have heard the owners talk about so often. You find the hole and out you go into the garden. What another world it appears. So different from the living room; it is a little cooler, there are gusts of wind and the top is blue and not white. Then you realise that you only know but a fraction of what there is to know.

Looking around the garden you see a tree growing tall over in the corner. So, you walk over to it and start to climb it. After a while, you are feeling a little tired – its tiring work climbing a tree when you are the size of an ant! So, you stop and look around. You almost fall off the tree with the sight that greets you. You can now see over the fence and out beyond are other houses, a hill and many more trees. There is so much more to the world than you ever realised.

So, you decide to climb down the tree and have a little rest on the patio, before going back inside. As you sit there on the patio, the sun begins to go down and looking up you see star upon star appearing in the sky. You realised, yet again, that there is so much more to the world than you had ever imagined.


So, the workings of God are way beyond our understanding, beyond our wildest dreams! Throughout this book we will need to keep this parable in mind. God has so much more to reveal than we realise.


I trust that this book might act in a similar way as the second ant, in prodding the first ant into exploring more than he already knew. However, as Jesus’ parable of the two men who built their houses on rock and sand teach us, what really counts is not the knowledge of what is needed but the doing of it.



The Ant Parable 
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