Serving The King
Seeking The Kingdom 
Freely you have received, freely give. 

Seeking The Kingdom   


God is always calling His people to go deeper, to go higher, to go further with Him. Are we prepared to lay aside all that stops us and become more Christ-like?


It is planned to publish a free 130 page book on Kindle later this year entitled ‘The Kingdom’.  To read short extracts from the book, click on any of the three links above: The Ant Parable; The Little People; Sin, Sin, Sin.



In the book, the Bible teaching concerning the Kingdom of God is looked at; including the realisation that:

·       All of the Parables are about the Kingdom;

·      The majority of Jesus Christ’s teaching relates to the Kingdom;

·       Jesus started His ministry with the Kingdom and He ended it with the Kingdom;


Yet today, the Kingdom hardly gets a mention, let alone centre stage of our thoughts and understanding. The Kingdom is still a central element that should be occupying our thoughts, actions and attention. Instead, all sorts of other things take centre stage in our thoughts, planning, finances, time and commitment.


It is the Kingdom that holds everything else together and makes sense of all that God has, is and will be doing here on earth through the Lord Jesus Christ. The Kingdom needs to be restored to its rightful place – at the heart of each one of us! Now, some might object and point out that Jesus should be at the centre. Well, yes, Jesus must be at the centre of our lives, but the outworking of His presence is to be worked out in the context of His Kingdom. By seeking after the Kingdom we are declaring to the world, as well as to everything in heaven, that the King is in reality the King in our lives.




The Ant Parable 
Little People 
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