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Freely you have received, freely give. 
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All authority has been given to Me; go, make disciples, baptise, teach.

This is an abridged version of the Great Commission, but it makes the point that the first command in this passage for us to obey is the command to “Go.”

Is God calling us to be missionaries and to go to foreign lands? Perhaps, but for the vast majority it probably doesn’t mean that. The “Going” is all to do with getting up off our back-sides, and venturing out into the area about us.

Does this mean that we need to start ‘door knocking’? Perhaps for some, but for the vast majority it probably does not mean that at all.

So, what does it mean? Do not expect the lost to come to you (there are exceptions when this happens, but they are exceptions).



It is interesting to realise that in the parable of the sower, the sower was continually sowing seed. In the explanation, the seed sown on rocky ground is likened to those who quickly give up. God calls us to persevere. The seed that fell amongst weeds did not produce fruit because they were half-hearted; the cares of this world stopped them producing the fruit. God calls us to be whole-hearted, to persevere, and at the right time to see the harvest come forth. (Mt13.3-23).