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Freely you have received, freely give. 

Serving The King - Revival  -  Prayer


Eph6.18 ALL Types of Prayer

By means of all prayer and entreaty pray in all time periods in spirit and unto this being sleepless in all perseverance and entreaty concerning all the saints.  (own translation)

My translation above does not flow as smoothly as one might like, but I trust the translation causes the reader to stop and ponder exactly what God is being getting at in this verse.


So, you might like to pray for Revival using a whole range of prayers. Below is but a brief list of some of the more common types of prayer you could use:



Awhile back, God said to me Pray like youve never prayed before. So, I asked what God meant; do you mean in new ways, or for longer, or more heartfelt; or more . Gods reply was All of the above!

I believe that for all of us God is wanting us to be more committed to praying, to pray more often, using a wider variety of prayers, and whatever else the more may involve.