Serving The King
Seeking The Kingdom 
Freely you have received, freely give. 

Gods heart is for EVERYONE, for the lost as well as for His people. This website reflects both these concerns.


Serving The King


Revival Gods heart-felt love for the lost


There are many ways we can Serve the King, this website offers encouragement and resources regarding REVIVAL.


God has not given up on Britain.


God has promised over many years and through various people there is yet another Revival that will come to this land.


Gods people need to

       Believe for Revival read Gods prophetic words regarding Revival and declare them back to Him;

       Pray for Revival using all types of prayer;

       Prepare hearts for Revival Seeking The Kingdom offers various insights.



Seeking The Kingdom Gods heart-felt love for His people


Seek, search for, enquire after the Kingdom; says Jesus.       Yet do we?


Jesus earthly ministry started with the Kingdom, ended with the Kingdom and was full of teaching about the Kingdom. The Kingdom dominated what Jesus taught.


Jesus is calling His people to take seriously what He taught about the Kingdom, to turn head knowledge into actions and heart-felt feelings.


We are told to seek after the Kingdom, but if we are not too sure what it looks like, how on earth are we going to recognise it when we come across it? Answer; below are but three of the characteristics of the Kingdom:


       Secretly The Kingdom is hidden and as such we have to search in order to find it; be cautious of the open and obvious (the broad way leads to destruction).

      The Little People it is inhabited by those whom the world look down their nose at, the Little People;

      Forgiveness Because of the prevalence of Sin, Sin, Sin in our lives; forgiveness is a key feature of the Kingdom.